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Lycra Dad is a film about middle age, competition and status.
Director Gray Hughes’ wry, observational short is adapted from a poem by renowned poet Murray Lachlan Young.

An innocent school sports day turns into an epic masculine showdown, as a motley bunch of Dads face off at the annual race. The win-at-any-cost mentality has infected one Dad in a bad way. He’s trained for months. Dressed head-to-toe in professional running gear. He needs this win – badly. In his mind, it’s his for the taking.

The poem was inspired by Murray’s frequent cycle trips around Dalston in North London, as he noticed himself flanked by more and more regular middle-aged men taking to the streets as if they were racing the Tour De France.

He discussed his observation with Shaun Keaveny on the BBC 6 Music breakfast show and the seed of the poem was sown. Susie Babchick, Gray’s agent at RSA Films and avid Shaun Keaveny fan, heard the poem and brought filmmaker and poet together.

Gray Hughes: ‘This film gave me an opportunity to play with modern stereotypes and push the boundaries of decency – just like these Dads do. If it’s acceptable for a middle-aged man to wear a skin suit, then it’s definitely OK for us to point and laugh. The psychology, language and clothing of elite sport have bled into everyday activity in a ridiculous way – it’s turned everything into a performance.

You’re told to strive for king of the mountain, but you ain’t Chris Froome.
You’re an accountant executive for a firm in Croydon. But you still think you need an edge - anything to win. It’s all or nothing; forget what your kids think’.

‘Lycra Dad’ captures the folly of modern masculinity at its funniest.

Cast credits

Lycra Dad Kevin Hand
Beer Dad Sean Blowers with Eva Sky Hughes
Murray Lachlan Young as the Hipster
Hayley the sports psychologist Annabel Giles
Burger Dad Jessen Aroonachellum
Tool station Roger Walrond
Gandalf Albert Clogston
Jeffrey William Hastings

Featuring the voices of
Paul Gilmore & Carolyn Backhouse


Ella Tronson
Mia Lowe
Scarlett Wennick
Olivia Walcot
Ashleigh Green
Sophie Pierard

The Crowd

Joanna Byrne
Lydia Jurram
Esme Ferguson
Kirsten Davies
Lucy Waters
Cody Cripps
Laura Clarke
Caleigh Kimberley
Francesca Raimondi-Taylor
Graeme Hibbs
Carl Neumann
Henrike Feckenstedt
Mya Letourneau
Evan Wilton
Susie Babchick
David Hollingsworth
Nicky Hollingsworrth
Deniz Tronson
Iestyn Tronson
Erin Lewis
Ky Lewis
Rîon-Jensen Brown
Samantha Douglas
Luca Ricard
Beatrice Ricard
Jennifer G Puertas
Sade Aniemeka
Chirstina O’Neill
Georgia Coates
Pippa Bell
Cormac Wygers
Niamh Wygers
Saoirse Wygers

Production credits

Lycra Dad written and performed by Murray Lachlan Young

Director Gray Hughes
Producer Rob Wildsmith
Cinematography Frank Madone
Editor Benjamin Gerstein
Colour by Danny Wood at Envy
Casting Kate Plantin CDG
Production Manager Jack Plummer
Director Assistant Luka Marchant

Original music for Lycra Dad by Steve Smith
Produced and mixed by Anthony Saffery

Camera and Lenses by ARRI

Art and Wardrobe Annabelle Phillips with Maisie May Plumstead
Make up Emily Tongue

1st AD Tibo Travers
2nd AD Veronica Vetrano
Crowd Director Gemma Hughes
1st AC James Stormer
2nd AC Angela Garcia Manchado
Grip Nick Teulon
Gaffer Milo Cosemans
Sound Recordist Michal Kuligowski
DIT Katia Rio
Still Photographer Ian Walton
Camera trainee Valentin Touly

Storyboard Artist Peter Davis
Artwork designed by Jason Measures at Deadline

Catering Honey & Thyme

Runners Kirstyn Brook and Harry Rylot

Shot on Location at Dulwich College, London
Special thanks to Heather Baskerville
Location Scout Simon Hassard

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Copyright 2017 Gray Hughes and Murray Lachlan Young